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Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?

Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?

Do you know your life’s purpose?

If you don’t, you’re not alone.

In a TED Talk delivered by Adam Leipzig on Finding Your Life’s Purpose – he said that there are 151,928 books carried by Amazon that are dedicated to just that – helping people discover their life’s purpose.

So how can you discover your life’s purpose?

In Adam Leipzig‘s TED Talk on How To Know Your Life’s Purpose in 5 Minutes, he shared that the people he knew that had figured this out were able to answer the following 5 questions;

  1. Who they were
  2. What they did
  3. Who they did it for
  4. What those people wanted or needed
  5. How these people changed as a result

Another interesting statement that he made was that those who were focused on the people that they served (making others happy) were more aligned to their own life’s purpose. 

Based on his perspective, he thinks that the best way to discover your purpose is by creating it from the outside in – not the inside out.

This comment is supported by another article posted on Psychology Today. They identified common themes among people who had found their purpose also had a similar perspective.

This article also stated that a common trait of people who had discovered their purpose was that they were not pre-occupied with self interest and that they used their mental and creative energies to serve something larger than themselves.

Here is Adam Leipzig’s TED Talk – what do you think? 

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