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Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

I often will search the internet for recipes to try. While I was doing this, I happened to trip across a video that was created by Hellmans that outlined how much of our food was imported versus being produced in Canada and I was astonished.

Now I realize that this video was produced in 2009 so I’m sure that some of the information may now be outdated however the one thing that I thought that this video did do a very good job of was pointing out  that we really should all be more knowledgeable about where the food that is landing on our dinner tables is coming from.

As a result, I started to research into this topic a little more and found myself inundated as I waded through articles about the debate between local vs organic – and  even what does local actually me.

There were articles on why we would want to import and how the decisions we make in our grocery stores affect our economy and our environment.

As I went through all this information I did discover one general point of consensus – we should try and buy (and in some cases invest) in local, organic produce if available.  The main reasons are;

  • Local produce is closer to home and doesn’t have to travel as far to market.  This means that less energy is used and the produce is fresher so it retains more nutrients – it also helps to support our local economies.
  • Organic food is just that – organic.  There is no use of chemicals in the production of the product.  This means that more nutrients are saved  and people often say that they taste better too.
  • Ideally, if you can get local and organgic together – jackpot – this not only provides you with the healthiest options but also supports your local farmers and economy

What I also discovered is that if these options are not available, then we need to ask for it.  It’s through our demand for these products that the grocers will be motivated in providing them.

Hope this helps you in making smarter food purchase decisions…

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