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Do You Have a Will?

Do You Have a Will?

I hate to admit it, but we didn’t have a formal will or power of attorney in place until very recently.

As it turns out – we’re not alone.  A survey conducted by Lawpro found that 56% of Canadian adults don’t have a will in place and 71% don’t have a signed power of attorney.

In our experience, we found that establishing the legal documents themselves was relatively easy (you just see a lawyer or a notary if you live in Quebec).  What wasn’t so easy were the discussions around what we actually wanted in these documents.

I think maybe part of the reason why so many people don’t have a will or power of attorney in place is that by doing this you actually have to come face to face with your own mortality.  As well, I could also easily see how the conversations in preparing the content for these documents might be difficult.

In our case, we found that the discussions around how we wanted our financials managed was the easy topic.  It was the discussions around plans for our children, what we would like to happen to our bodies after our death, how we wanted decisions made on our behalf should we be incapacitated, etc. were the tougher things to answer.

We did spend some time having these conversations before our scheduled meeting which was probably a good idea (we just used an online will guide to help us).  By doing this, we were able to spend time discussing the really critical items or areas where we didn’t necessarily fully align on between ourselves first rather than in the office.  As well, as our kids are older, we also took the opportunity to talk to them about what they would prefer happen in certain situations.

In the end, we did get all the appropriate documents in place and now feel more secure knowing that they have been completed.  Although it was not a comfortable topic (no one likes to talk about their death) we know it was an important one.  Without having a will or power of attorney in place – we realized that we would be leaving our families with a potential nightmare – not only financially and legally but also with the potential challenge of having to make the tough decisions that we didn’t leave them any guidance for.

What about you?  Do you have a will in place?

I would love to hear about your experience…

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