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Do Good to Feel Good

Do Good to Feel Good

So many people are doing things in their lives to help themselves live happier lives.  Be it practicing meditation, mindfulness, yoga, exercise, eating healthy foods – and these are all really good things that can help you feel better about yourself, your health and your life.

There is something else though that can also increase your happiness and that is being kind to others.  There is strong evidence that by being kind to others actually makes you feel happier. 

One study actually showed “a positive feedback loop” between kindness and happiness.  By doing something nice for others it actually makes you feel better and happier which in turn makes you want to do more nice things for others… see how the cycle works.

To do something nice for someone else doesn’t have to be anything really big or even take very long.  It could be as simple as opening a door, letting someone else go in front of you in a line, offering to buy someone a coffee – just a simple gesture can generate a positive feeling for both you and the person you are doing it for. 

A Canadian non profit organization – People for Good – is actively trying to help promote this type of behaviour and even has a webpage dedicated to sharing ways to do good.

So I was wondering – given that doing something nice for someone else not only makes them feel good but you as well – what would happen if each of us just tried to do one gesture of kindness each day.  It doesn’t have to be anything major just something where we think of someone else besides ourselves – what type of impact would this have? 

Would we start to create a society that helped each other rather than putting our own needs first?  

Would we be able to slow our lives down for just a few minutes and recognize that we are all connected in some way? 

Would we all start to feel just a little bit happier?

Something to think about…

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