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Part Time Work

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported in Working after Age 65 that the proportion of part time workers in Canada who are 55 or older has doubled since the mid-1990’s.  Older workers now make up 20% of the part time labour force – which is almost double of that a decade ago. 

 Part time work can bring the benefit of having both an income and some free time to enjoy other things in life.  However the majority of part time opportunities are currently found within the sales and service industries as the emergence of professional knowledge worker positions for part time work has not hit the mainstream…. yet.

 If you are hoping to work part time and are still working and enjoying what you do, you may want to speak with your current employer to see what options might be available.  Ideally, they would understand and appreciate the value that you offer and would want to try and accommodate retaining your talent and expertise rather than having to invest in the recruitment and training of someone else. 

 If you are looking to do something completely different, we suggest you do your research.  Talk to people who are currently in the field you are interested in to find out what skills are necessary to be successful.  Find out as much about what it is like to do this job as you can – if possible, shadow someone for a day that does what you are looking to do to find out really what it’s like.

 Another emerging trend is turning a hobby into a form of income.  Just a word of caution though – sometimes a hobby is enjoyable because it’s on your own terms (your timeline / no one telling you what to do / etc.) so you might want to think about this before jumping into this field as hobbies tend to be something you do for personal enjoyment and on your own time whereas work is typically to make money and often has associated demands placed on you and your time as a result.

If you are looking to turn your hobby into a source of income, the following are just some examples of things you might consider

  • If you like to cook – offer a service to cook hot meals for working parents or elderly people
  • If you like to take pictures or videos – attend other people’s family gatherings and film the memories for them so they can enjoy the even
  • If you like to drive – operate a local courier service or a service to escort elderly people to appointments
  • If you like financials – with the explosion of business start ups, you could provide financial bookkeeping or accounting services
  • If you like writing – you could write copy for brochures, website content, etc.
  • If you like to garden – offer a full service planting and weeding program

 You get the idea – just couple your imagination with your talents.  Let us know what you come up with!