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Looking For A Job


Unfortunately, looking for a job as an older person can sometimes be challenging.  Given the changing demographics and the impact this will have on the workforce, this is likely to change over time however right now, age can still sometimes be viewed by hiring companies as a barrier.

There are numerous websites and advice on the internet as to how to land a job.  We have pulled together some resources that we think may help you get started.

  • LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) is the world’s largest professional network with over 200 million members and an estimated 93% of recruiters are using this social platform find job applicants. This platform allows individuals to develop and maintain their professional profile, connect and develop a network with other professionals, find experts and leaders, join professional groups of interest (for example there’s a group focused on Boomer job tips) and contribute to discussions and explore professional opportunities. Through the development of connections with other professionals, as a registered LinkedIn professional, you are notified of potential connections they may know within their network.  As well, you can receive endorsements and recommendations from other people on your profile which could help to increase your personal marketability within the job market.
  • You do need to be savvy though in how you use LinkedIn.  Similar to any other social networking platforms, what you post is viewed by many and given that this is a professional networking platform, you really need to give some thought as to what you share to ensure that you are perceived in the way you want to be.  Lawpro.ca published a very good article outlining some essential do’s and don’ts for LinkedIn use.  You can read their article here.
  • There are many online job posting sites. Two online job search engines that are fairly simple to use are indeed.ca or eluta.ca.  Both these employment search engines pull posted jobs from across Canada based on your defined search criteria.  It’s a quick way to run a query specifically on a position and location.
  • Retirementjob.com has published an eight part job series about what you might want to consider when looking for work after 50.  Please note that this is a US website so some of the services referenced may not be available in Canada.

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