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Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Can money buy happiness?

This is an age old question with often conflicting answers however research is starting to show that in fact money can buy us happiness.

But there is one requirement – it really depends on how we actually spend our money.

In an article published on the Stanford University website, they shared some research that found that “Investing in others can make you feel healthier and wealthier, even if it means making yourself a little poorer.”

What was also interesting is that the researchers discovered that the dollar amount that you spend on others was really not that important and even giving away even something as small as $1 could actually have an impact on an individual’s happiness.

Michael Norton, a Social Science Researcher at Harvard University shares more about this interesting research in the following TEDTalk. 

So maybe money can in fact buy happiness – especially if you share it!

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