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Retiring In a Hotel – Is This Really That Surprising?

Retiring In a Hotel – Is This Really That Surprising?

By Susan Williams

There was an interesting story reported about a couple who were planning to live out their golden years in a Holiday Inn rather than a retirement home.

Their main motivator was primarily due to cost. The couple had estimated that it was going to cost $188 / day in a nursing home versus the $59.23 / day at Holiday Inn. The gentleman went further on to explain that they would receive breakfast, have access to a pool and spa, gym and washer and dryer. His room would be cleaned and he had access to the shuttle to the airport if they wanted to go out for dinner. He also added that he could just book his room today versus the long wait for a nursing home. And he pointed out that “they treat you like a customer not a patient.”.

They are right. Assisted living and nursing home costs are quite high. According to seniorliving.org, the average monthly cost for assisted living homes is $119/day and $225/day for nursing home.

I’m sure you’re probably aware that we are not comparing apples to apples though. In most of the care facilities, they do have specialized services for aging. There is usually medical and support services on site and the facilities are built for an aging population in mind. I can’t imagine the service staff at the hotel would necessarily be able to do much more than call 9-1-1 in case of any sort of emergency.

But based on the large response we received when we shared this couple’s plans on our Facebook page, this idea seemed to have hit a nerve. It’s very similar to the story that we shared of the woman who retired on a cruise ship.

I think one of the reasons this story may have had such an appeal was because the majority of us are not looking forward to moving into an assisted living or nursing home. Many of us have some pre-conceived idea of what life will be like once this happens based on what we may have witnessed with our older relatives.

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That’s why I think the idea of living in some place or doing something that may seem completely different from this may have such an allure. It shouts – “I’m not done yet“. It helps to feed our desire to stay engaged with the outside world and still seek change and adventure.

There’s a number of different articles about how baby boomers want to stay “forever young” or are “refusing to age“. But I don’t believe this is the case at all. I don’t think that we are that naive to think that we are not getting older – it’s just how and where we are choosing to age is the difference.

We are not aging like generations before.

For the most part we are fortunate in that we have more life in front of us then any other generation before us. As a result, the idea of spending this extra time in a retirement or nursing home is just not appealing. That’s why the idea of living in a Holiday Inn may have sparked our interest. It’s different. It goes against the natural course of the aging lifestyle traditions.

But I also think we need to be realistic. As much as we may want (and hope) to live independently as we age in a place of our own choosing, we have to also realize that at some point we may need assistance and care and that our family or loved ones may be the ones who may need to make these decisions for us. Hopefully at that point, there will be many different choices available to us that will provide us with the independence, dignity and care we would want.

But in the meantime, baby boomers have always broken the rules and set new ones. So why should where we want to live as we age be any different?

If you’re interested, here are a few other rule breakers:

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