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Becoming A Transcender Retirement Rebel - By Mike Drak When it comes to retirement rebels, I am discovering there are many different types. Self transcenders look for a cause, a need, a problem to be solved, something that they are passionate about which becomes their mission and devote their efforts to that.
An Option To Help You To Downsize In Place - By Art Barry Thinking about downsizing after the children have left home? There are lots of alternatives. We did quite a bit of research and considered what it would take to move out of our home after thirty plus years. After some discussion, may wife and I decided to put off a move for at least […]
The Need To Reinvent Retirement During A Pandemic - By Richard Haiduck Reopening retirement is turning out to be a moving target. Maybe we need to think about it again. We’ve got a lot we want to do, but our time keeps getting shorter. So we have an urgency to have our plan in place to reopen our retirement as soon as it is safe to do so.
The Need For A New Type Of Job Security - By Susan Williams As we get nostalgic for the days of job security, is this (or even was it ever) a reality? Maybe there is a new type of job security that we now need to embrace.
Use It Or Lose It – A Personal Journey Of Discovery - By George Rayner As the baby boomer generation slowly retires, those of us still upright have a conscious health choice to make, we can either use it, or lose it. The easy path is to lose it. Kick back, eat, drink, be merry put on some weight, grab a few prescription medicines and slowly watch […]
The Rise Of Poverty In Retirement For The Middle Class - By Susan Williams Baby boomers are speeding towards retirement at an average rate of around 10,000 people a day. But rather then crossing over this threshold to an anticipated life of doing whatever you like, many who are considered middle class may be facing a much nastier reality.