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The Impact Of An Image - By Susan Williams Everyday we are bombarded with images. In fact, it’s estimated that the average person sees between 4,000 to 10,000 digital ads a day alone. And within these digital ads, the use of an image is often used. And for good reason. Hubspot shared the following as it relates to digital marketing and images; “When people […]
Career Advice To My Younger Self - By Susan Williams I just read what I thought was a brilliant article by career expert Liz Ryan in Forbes  entitled Five Signs You’re Successful – Whether You Know It or Not. In this post, Liz overrode all our traditional views of what career success is and replaced it with a new model. To quickly […]
Where Will You Live In Retirement? - Where do you plan to live in retirement? This is a question that many people ask themselves as they approach their retirement. In this video three different retirement living alternatives are profiled. Co-housing, living in a retirement community and living abroad.
The Delicate Issue Of Taking Away A Senior’s Smartphone - By Judith Graham It's expected that families will encounter concerns as older adults become reliant on computers, cellphones and tablets: With cognitive impairment, these devices become difficult to use and, in some cases, problematic.
What’s New In The Scientific World Of Aging - You may (or may not) have heard about some of the scientific testing underway to reverse aging in mice. But the question is how close are we to actually seeing this research become a reality for humans? In the following video produced by NPR, they research some of the recent developments happening in the scientific […]
Seven Reasons We Should Be Amazed About Getting Older - By Gary Allen Foster  “Getting old is for the birds!” That’s one of the dozens of ageist statements tossed out casually when a group of seventh-, eighth-, or ninth-decaders assembles. Each is usually followed by a litany of the issues that can make it seem so. Nary a conversation goes by without multiple mentions of […]