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Making the Move: Helping a Elder With a Long Distance Downsize - By Kristen Reed Edens Are you the caregiver or family representative for a parent or other elder? If so, you are likely to help that elder downsize in the future, probably sooner rather than later. If the downsizing involves a long distance move, then the process is more complicated.
Are You Aging Authentically? - By Susan Williams I have a confession to make. I am an occasional binge television watcher. My habit first began when I watched the series Breaking Bad. As each of the episodes came to an end, I always wondered what happened next and found the option of “watch next episode” was just too hard to […]
Long Term Care Planning – Why You Should Care - By Karen Henderson We all take delight in planning for vacations and holiday celebrations but when it comes to planning for old age, we literally run the other way. Aging and death only happen to other people, so we don’t need to talk about it – at least not yet. Why is this? I am […]
Family Heirlooms Travelling The Past, The Present and The Future - By Iris Ruth Pastor It’s 1913. The word “teen-ager” was not yet in use. The constitutional amendment granting American women the right to vote had not yet passed. Canned beer, modern supermarkets, and Barbie dolls had not yet been invented.
When Duck and Cover Just Doesn’t Cut It - By Dave Price Like most Baby Boomers born in the 1940s and early 1950s, I can vividly recall those 13 harrowing days in October of 1962 that came to be called the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember sitting in front of our family’s black-and-white television and hearing President John Kennedy describe in terrifying detail how […]
Do You Have a Legacy Box? - By Richard Weijo As a child, I remember when relatives would visit during Christmas.  I just loved to see a box full of gifts coming through the front door.  My brother and I were always excited to find out which gifts were ours. Now I am the one giving the gifts.  During the last few […]