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Friendships – Are They A Key to Happy and Healthy Aging? - How many friends do you have?  Not acquaintances – but real friends? It turns out that this could be a critical question that could contribute to your overall health and happiness. And these friendships become even more important as we age. Some recent studies discovered that friendships were even a stronger predictor of health and […]
Want to Write Your Life Story? There’s An App For That - By Richard Weijo As children, most of us learn through storytelling.  Stories are an important part of sharing your legacy. So, how do you prefer to tell your story? There are a variety of new apps available for your Apple or Android devices. Each app has features appropriate for different storytelling styles.  The advantage of […]
Comicbooks Across the Ages – “Is A Good Thing” - By Dave Price It was Father’s Day in Washington D.C. and the line of fans, some young, some old, many of them dressed as their favorite comicbook or screen heroes, stretched over more than half of the huge main exhibit hall at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. They were all waiting to spend less […]
The Demographics of Aging – What Does This Really Mean? - We have all heard the cries - the aging demographic, the silver tsunami, the graying of America. And it's happening now. We know that changes will have to be made in society to support this new reality but exactly what needs to change?
Packing Tips for the Travelling Boomer - By Susan Williams Baby boomers love to travel. In research conducted by the AARP, they discovered that 99% of the baby boomers surveyed planned to take at least one leisure trip and on average another 5 other trips throughout the year. That’s a whole lot of travelling! But with all this possible travel, there is another […]
Reflecting on the Puzzle Pieces That Make Up My Life - By Dave Price As is happening much more frequently as I get older, death has removed two more big pieces of the interlocking personal jigsaw puzzle that depicts my younger, pre-adult years. In the last week of May, former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jim Bunning died at age 85 in his home state of Kentucky, where […]