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The Pandemic Shows Us How Boring Retirement Can Be - By Mike Drak I like to ponder on things and I thought I would share some thoughts arising out of the pandemic relating to time and personal freedom. I found them interesting and hopefully you feel the same way. COVID-19 taught us how boring retirement must be when you have more free time than you […]
Ruth Bader Ginsburg – The “Notorious RBG” – A Great Retirement Rebel - By Mike Drak Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RGB) is a great retirement rebel role model. She was a trailblazer, a champion for the equality of all people and a hero in the struggle for women’s rights. She will also be missed.
The Search For The Fountain (Or Pill) Of Youth - By Susan Williams We often hear reference to the Fountain Of Youth. A mythical fountain that if you drank the water, your youth, vitality and health would be restored. But what if this fountain of youth was actually a pill? Would you take it? There are certain things we can personally do that could help […]
Updating The Retirement Parable - By Mike Drak A few years ago I read this parable for the first time in one of Ernie Zelinski’s retirement books and it really resonated with me. I was working in a bank at the time and the demanding work and associated stress was getting to me. His story opened my eyes to the negative […]
The Future Of Work And How This Will Affect Older Workers - By Hunter Leonard Mature workers experience ageism at frightening rates. This combined with rapid changes in the nature of work, we have a great deal of work to do in order to ensure mature workers can remain financially secure in the latter part of their working lives.
The Only Thing Holding You Back In Retirement Is You - By Mike Drak I broke out into a big smile while reading that a retirement rebel by the name of Hiromu Inada had just became the oldest man to finish an Ironman at age 87. He has established a benchmark for other retirement rebels to shoot for, and we should thank him for that. For […]