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Multigeneration Family Vacations; Creating New Memories - By Richard Weijo My wife and I recently visited Germany with our daughter, granddaughter, and son-in-law. We were worried about how well our granddaughter would travel. How would a four-year-old do on such a long flight? And would she remember the trip?
Memories of Everett and The Impact He Left - By Iris Ruth Pastor The first time I met Everett he was standing in my living room, painting the walls sage green. His paint can was resting on top of my new Oriental rug. I didn’t stop for introductions or admonitions. I headed straight for the phone and called my husband. “I don’t know who […]
Why We Need Caregiver Bootcamps - Alzheimer's disease and aging unfortunately go hand in hand and so often, people are just thrown into a caregiver role. There is no preparation, no course and a great deal of "learning on the job". This is why we need caregiver bootcamps.
Why Knowing Your Ikigai Is So Important in Retirement - By Susan Williams Do you know what your ikigai is? Find out why knowing what this is can be so important in your life - especially when it comes to retirement and aging.
Springtime Cleaning – Turning Your Clutter Into Cash - Many baby boomers have closets, drawers, and boxes full of no longer used items and springtime is a perfect time to clean out these things and preserve what we want to keep and dispose of the things we no longer need. There's also the added bonus of possibly making some money.
The Perils of Aging for Men - By Dave Price New studies and reports are indicating that many men are having a particularly tough time with aging, especially from age 50 to 80. Confronted with all these findings, it is evident that men are facing serious problems as they move further into this brave new world of increasing longevity.