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Trending Topics This Week – The Happiness Curve, Decluttering and Retirement Savings - This week's top trending topics include; understanding the happiness curve, what to do with all your things when decluttering and trying to understand what may be contributing to people not saving enough for retirement. Have a read!
The Happiness Curve As You Age - By Dave Price We all know the image – a crotchety, cantankerous elderly man or woman, miserably complaining about everything from today’s youth (which in their case consists of anyone under 60) to the fact that TV and music aren’t as good and the sun is not as bright as it used to be “back […]
Trending Topics This Week – Sarcopenia, Owning a Dog and Gender Gaps - We had another variety of topics that were trending this past week. We learned more about sarcopenia, what were some of the benefits of owning a dog later in life and how the gender gap for women follows them into retirement.
The Immortality of Artificial Intelligence - By Susan Williams What I’m about to share is not out of a science fiction novel – it’s actually something people are working on today. The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is exploring ways to immortalize our memories for future generations. For example, in one AI application, you would be able to answer questions from […]
What Is Sarcopenia – And What Can You Do About It? - By Susan Williams Do you know what sarcopenia is? If you're aging (which means all of us) it's something that will eventually impact us. Dr. Rhonda Collins joined us to help us understand what sarcopenia is and what we can possibly do to delay it.
Trending Topics This Week – Retirement Expenses, Heirlooms and No Regrets - This week we discussed retirement expenses with Gary Foreman, looked into what contributes to something being considered a family heirloom and why living a life with no regrets is so important.