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Even As A Positive Image, Visual Ageism Is Always Harmful - By Stefania Medetti Anytime the representation of older people in the media has made us feel uncomfortable, we didn’t have a word to address the issue. But now we do: it is “visual ageism.”
Predictions For A 200 Year Long Life - By Susan Williams When I was a kid, I remember watching Willard Scott on the Today Show wishing centenarians across America happy birthday. Back then it seemed like living to 100 years old was a really, really long time. Fast forward to today and there are more centenarians living then ever before. The American Society […]
20 Ideas For Positive Aging In 2020 - By Susan Williams I don’t know about you but for some reason 2020 seems like it will be a really positive year. Whether it’s the seeming balance of the numbers, the fact that we’re entering a new decade or that I always think that 20/20 is having good vision, it just seems to be open […]
Booming Encore’s Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2019 - By Susan Williams As we prepare to say farewell to another year and get ready to enter a new one, it’s often fun to look back and see where you have been. We thought we would do that here at Booming Encore. Over this past year, we have shared many different topics – from health […]
Marriage: Been There, Done That, Don’t Want To Do It Again - By Susan Williams There was an interesting article published in the Globe and Mail recently entitled The new reality of dating over 65: Men want to live together; women don’t. The article shared some recent data on the differences between men and women and their dating objectives and ultimate relationships goals. Interestingly, the number of divorced […]
How Cruise Ship Passengers Should Prepare For Sickness Or Injury At Sea - By Bruce Horovitz, Kaiser Health News Royal Caribbean’s gargantuan Oasis of the Seas boasts four outdoor pools and an 82-foot zip line and made quite a splash shortly after its 2014 refurbishment when it added the first Tiffany & Co boutique at sea. But in January 2019, the cruise ship, which bills itself one of […]