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JFK at 100: An Unfulfilled, Yet Still Valuable, Vision - By Dave Price It doesn’t seem possible, but if President John F. Kennedy were alive, he would be turning 100 at the end of this month. In one of America’s most altering moments, President Kennedy was assassinated on a sunny day in Dallas in November, 1963. But more than just a jarring presidential personal loss, […]
Ode To An Ungrateful Child - By Iris Ruth Pastor The following was written over 30 years ago, at 4:00 AM – one of those times before daybreak when everything looks a little bleaker and a little darker than perhaps it really is. After reading my words over a few times in the days following writing the ode below and carefully […]
Men’s Challenges with Aging: Blame John Wayne - By Dave Price If you are or know a male Baby Boomer who is having an extremely hard time aging, there’s a good chance that the Waynes – or more specifically, John Wayne and Bruce “Batman” Wayne – may be greatly to blame. While it’s true that the idea of what exactly is a man […]
Planning to Work in Retirement? Why You May Need a Backup Plan - An estimated whopping 66% of baby boomers are already or are planning on working past the traditional retirement age of 65. But baby boomers beware. Just because this is what you have planned, it may not actually reflect your reality.
The Positive Side of Aging – It’s Only Up From Here - Aging – it’s a term that is so often it’s associated with negative perceptions. Words like decrepit, cranky, senile, over the hill – are words that are just filled with negativity. Even the term anti-aging is negative. The prefix anti actually means “opposed to, or against”. So with so much negative thinking and words associated […]
Technology Is Going Mobile – But Will Baby Boomers Follow? - Baby boomers are actively connected and using mobile technology. In fact, 87.4% of baby boomers have a mobile device and 64.4% have smartphones. But for organizations and companies that think we are going to use these devices like our kids, that is where there is a disconnect.