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Boomer Career Reinvention: Reframing Your Past In Order to Move Forward

Boomer Career Reinvention: Reframing Your Past In Order to Move Forward

When we hear the word reinvention, we often think it means to completely start over or to go in a totally different direction.

But when it comes to career reinvention – this isn’t necessarily the case.

I recently had the opportunity to speak John Tarnoff, author of Boomer Reinvention: How To Create Your Dream Career After 50.

In his book, John takes a slightly different approach for career reinvention. Rather than immediately rush into something, John suggests that we should reconcile and expand on the foundation of our past experiences in order to successfully move forward.

John suggests that it’s not our career itself that requires the focus, it’s actually our own limiting views of our personal capabilities that really needs the reinvention.

One method that John suggests to accomplish this is by using a technique called reframing.

In the book, John defines reframing as, “the process that calls those outdated realities into question and tries to come up with alternative perceptions that may actually be more accurate and more supportive for us that the old ways we’re been holding onto”.

He further shared that by successfully reframing the views that we hold of ourselves, we can then start to see things in a different way. By doing this, we may then remove some of our restrictive beliefs of our own abilities and unlock our limitations that may hold us back from achieving what we really want.

So, what’s involved in reframing?

John suggests taking the following steps to start the process;

Focus on What You Can Change

Start by focusing on something that will have the most impact on your life day to day as well as something that you have the influence to change. For example, focus on the relationship you have with yourself – such as your own physical or mental state or the relationships you have with others. Something that you could actually change.

Choose Your Words Carefully

John emphasizes just how important the language that we use is. Depending on the words and the tone that we select, this can influence both our thinking and our responses. He suggests making sure that the words we select reflect a positive tone and outcome.

Understand Fear and Put It In It’s Place

Fear can be a major stopping block and John suggests that we really need to understand that our fears may in fact not reflect our actual reality. He shares that in most career reinventions, fear will probably show up regularly and rather than be controlled by it, we need to reframe the fear.

Once you have figured out what in your life and career needs reframing, John then details five strategies on how to successfully reframe and provides examples and worksheets in the context of career reinvention in the book. (John has also provided access to the worksheets on the Boomer Reinvention website)

So, career reinvention is not about having to throw everything away and starting all over again.

It’s about understanding and accepting all of our unique talents and gifts and then continuing on our path of development in the direction we choose to go.

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Susan Williams is the Founder of Booming Encore. Being a Boomer herself, Susan loves to discover and share ways to live life to the fullest. She shares her experiences, observations and opinions on living life after 50 and tries to embrace Booming Encore's philosophy of making sure every day matters.