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Finding the Benefits of a Cold, Hard Winter

Finding the Benefits of a Cold, Hard Winter

I looked out the window this morning and thought I saw a robin.  I can’t be 100% sure as it flew away just as quickly as I saw it so I’m wondering if it might have been a mirage of sorts – maybe just wishful thinking on my part as I desperately search for signs of spring.

This winter has seemed extremely harsh – we had such bitter cold for what seemed like days on end and no shortage of snow to move.  In fact it was one of the worst winters we have had in Canada in a long time.  We had record low temperatures right across the country and ice storms that left homes without power for days.

Not only was our winter physically rough – the cold weather also hampered our Canadian economic growth. According to an article published by Bloomburg, the weather actually contributed to lower house sales and caused a slowdown in manufacturing sales.

Being an extreme optimist I always try and look for the silver lining (I guess in this case the fleece lining) so I thought I would try to find some positive things from all this cold weather that we lived through.

So here it is – some things to show us that all the shivering we did wasn’t in vain – there were in fact some benefits.  Did you know;

So stay warm and be confident that spring really is just around the corner (March 20th to be exact).

I’m going to now go back and see if I can actually spot that robin again – who knows, I might even see a blue jay!

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