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So You Want to be an Entrepreneur

So You Want to be an Entrepreneur

It is expected that retirement is going to be very different for Baby Boomers then it was for the generations before.  One of these expected changes is in the number of Baby Boomers that are planning to own and operate a small business.

According to the Kaufman Foundation, Baby Boomers were twice as likely to launch a new business in 2015 compared to millennials.

Also, a survey completed by TD Canada Trust, discovered that 54% of  Baby Boomers have started or have considered starting a small business prior to retirement. 

So, are you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? 

If yes, here are some resources from across the internet to try and help you decide whether being an entrepreneur might be the right decision for you.

Being an entrepreneur can be extremely exciting and with the added retirement years that many people now have it can help to make this time of your life more fulfilling and enjoyable. Just make sure you do the research first to find out if being an entrepreneur is the right decision for you.

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