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Become A Retirement Rebel

Become A Retirement Rebel

By Mike Drak

The boomers that I like to hang around at the swimming pool are badass people that I fondly refer to as Retirement Rebels. Retirement Rebels refuse to follow the old fashion beliefs about “old-people,” and being retired. In fact they are anything but retired.

They are the trailblazers who are putting their own spin on retirement “rules” and are in the process of showing the world what people are capable of in Victory Lap (VL). They do not hold a self-limiting perspective on what is possible. They believe that VL can be the most inspirational, adventurous and creative period of their lives, they have less stress, and are more resilient. They sleep better and will no doubt live longer than most. They are dreamers that are taking action to make those dreams come true. They are optimistic because they are in charge of their future and have a plan for what is next.

A retirement rebel doesn’t take the path of least resistance, the safe easy path and follow the retirement herd (status quo) like everyone else.

They are willing to take some chances just because they can, knowing they have nothing to lose. They enjoy their journey with feelings of excitement, anticipation, hope and passion. They know at this stage of their lives they don’t have to impress anyone or worry about being accepted anymore. It’s all about having a good time and enjoying themselves because they earned it and they know it!

They remain kids at heart, traveling to new places, learning new technology, entering marathons in different countries and posting all about it on social media. They don’t expect the system to take care of them, they know that the social safety net is broken so they will take care of themselves.

They take full control of their lives and don’t waste time blaming other people when there are problems or things don’t go right.

They eat right, work the way they want and spend their time the way they want. Retirement Rebel’s don’t like to be told what to do, they like to figure things out for themselves and create their own path. If there’s a problem, they solve it. If there’s a question, they find the answer.

They’re straightforward and honest and are not afraid to voice their opinions and tell it like it is, if they think something is wrong. They have little patience for putting up with a lot of nonsense.They don’t have time for that anymore. They are successful because they think about challenges and failure differently, they are not scared about failing. They learn from it and just try things a different way, figuring it out as they go. They never stop trying, quitting is not a part of their vocabulary. They don’t feel the need to prove themselves to anyone anymore.

They know they are good enough just the way they are.

They like to live on the edge, and keep exploring their potential and the crazy possibilities out there that get their juices flowing. They seek discomfort because they know it is discomfort that will make them happy.

They like to make life simple and avoid unnecessary maintenance by getting rid of big homes they no longer need. They know they don’t need a big car, expensive jewelry, a big 80 inch tv or wear the latest designer clothes to be happy or convince others how successful they are. They feel comfortable wearing whatever they want because they know that it is the person that is wearing the clothes that really matters.

They enjoy breaking rules and traditions just because they can. They hate to hear people tell them what they can’t do. Tell them they are not good enough to start their own business and guess what they start creating one. They love to defy people’s expectations and prove them wrong. They feel compelled to prove to others and themselves what they are capable of and what is possible if a person wants it bad enough.

A Retirement Rebel has a high degree of self confidence because they know:

  • By achieving Financial Independence no matter what happens they will be okay.
  • They will always be able to get a job if they really need one.
  • They can always learn new things. They know that if they put in the work they can pick up any skill that they need. They can go get a degree at age 65 just because they can.
  • If things got bad they could always sell the house, downsize or rent.
  • They know they don’t need much in terms of material things in order to be happy.
  • They realize that millions of people have much less than them but manage to lead happier lives.
  • They can take care of themselves.

We all need to become retirement rebels and refuse to accept the old retirement stereotypes.

Don’t worry about what others think of you, just go do your thing and stop acting “an age”, because it’s only a number and you are much more than that.

This post was originally published on Victory Lap Retirement and was reprinted with permission.

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Mike Drak

Author, Retirement Coach and Public Speaker at Victory Lap Retirement
Mike Drak is a thirty-eight year veteran of the financial services and lives with his wife Melina in Toronto, Canada. Mike is the Author of the best-selling book Victory Lap Retirement and also an award winning blogger, retirement coach and public speaker. Mike has also appeared on BNN, CBC Radio and iHeart radio.