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What’s Hot: This Week’s Top Tweets

What’s Hot: This Week’s Top Tweets

Here’s what has generated the most interest on Twitter this week….

Be Sure to Laugh!

When you have a good laugh, it can result in some pretty good health benefits. Here’s just one example;

  • Laughter causes you to increase your intake of oxygen, stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles along with increasing the endorphins (the thing that makes you feel good) by your brain

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How Would You Feel About Having a “Boom-Mate”?

A question was raised whether the empty bedrooms in baby boomer homes could possibly be a solution to the millennial US housing crunch. They introduced the idea of “boom-mates”.

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Looking For Work in All the Wrong Places

One of the best ways to find work quickly is to avoid one of the biggest time-wasters that may well be sabotaging your efforts. Take a moment to ask yourself this question…. Are you lost in cyberspace?

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Get Off The Couch Now Baby Boomers Or You Might Not Be Able to Later

“In a study of sitting and walking ability that surveyed people ages 50 to 71 across 8 to 10 years, those who tended to sit the most and move the least had more than three times the risk of difficulty walking by the end of the study, when compared to their more active counterparts.”

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