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Baby Boomer Entrepreneur: When Passion Meets Experience

Baby Boomer Entrepreneur: When Passion Meets Experience

Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur?

If you are – you’re not alone.

According to data from the Kauffman Foundation, baby boomers are twice as likely to launch a business as are millennials.

Paul Tasner became an entrepreneur when he was 66 years old. After being fired from his job at the age of 64, he found himself trying to figure out exactly what he wanted to do next. He said that retirement was just not an option for him.

By the time he was 64 Paul had discovered a passion that he was able to turn into a business. He now feels that he is doing the most rewarding and meaningful work of his life.

Paul shares his story about how he found his way to becoming a boomer entrepreneur and why we need and should support older entrepreneurs. Here’s hisĀ TedTalk;