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Making the Move: Helping a Elder With a Long Distance Downsize

By Kristen Reed Edens Are you the caregiver or family representative for a parent or other elder? If so, you are likely to help that elder downsize in the future, probably sooner rather than later. If the downsizing involves a long distance move, then the process is more complicated.

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Why Do Our Elders Hold Onto Paper?

By Kristen Reed Edens Last month, I spent a busy weekend helping my mother clean out her garage. Of the ‘treasures’ we sorted through, there were several boxes labeled ‘important papers’. Dipping into these boxes revealed something amazing: nearly 6 decades of bank statements, check registers, cancelled checks, and receipts.

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Parents and Downsizing: 7 Tips to Simplify the Process

Are you or a parent considering downsizing? It’s a hot topic for Boomers and their parents, with the reasons being many: health considerations, financial situations, moving closer to family, the desire to minimize. Regardless of the reason, the numbers of boomers downsizing is growing.

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