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Living The Anti Aging Pill Called Exercise

Living The Anti Aging Pill Called Exercise

Meet Ernestine Shepherd.

At the age of 74 she was named the oldest female competitive body builder in Guinness World Records.

And what’s amazing is that she didn’t even get started on this journey until she was 56 years old.

Ernestine first began exercising when her sister and herself were planning on going to a church picnic ¬†and needed to wear swimsuits. They didn’t like how they looked in their bathing suits so they started exercising together.

The road hasn’t always been easy for Ernestine. When her sister took ill and sadly died, Ernestine fell into a depression. It was only after her sister visited her in a dream and told her she needed to return to the gym she found her way back.

Since that time Ernestine has become an inspiration to many and is forming exercise groups to help others also be physically active.

As Ernestine says, “if ever there were an anti-aging pill, you would have to make it exercise”.

And given her energy and outlook you would believe it!

Here’s more about Ernestine’s story;

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