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Aging & Technology – A Booming Industry

Aging & Technology – A Booming Industry

Technology development had previously been seen as something that was mainly developed for younger generations.

But the technology sector is starting to realize that there is a very large market for technology solutions for older adults.

Based on the report published by the Aging In Place Technology Watch, they estimate that the technology marketplace to support aging adults will grow from $2B to more than $30B over the next few years.

From the use of monitoring systems for aging parents to help them stay longer in their homes to the use of social networks to stay connected to our ability to monitor and manage our medication – the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few of the technology solutions that are either already available today or are in development.

USA Today shared the following video to show some of the technologies already available to help monitor and help people to continue to live independently.  Take a look… (for viewing on a mobile device click here).

CBC recently delivered a story about a mobile app that helps patients keep track of their medications.  Learn more…. (for viewing on a mobile device click here).

Interested in seeing what technology is being developed to help us in our lives as we get older – it’s moving beyond just our health but also into how we live and interact with each other.  See what the Discovery Channel has to say about Technology for Seniors;


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