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Ageism – A Discrimination that Affects Us All

Ageism – A Discrimination that Affects Us All

By Susan Williams

When I say the word ageism – what do you think of?

Do you think of older workers being passed over in favour of hiring younger people? Or do you think of how older people are mistreated or ignored by society?

Sadly, ageism is this plus so much more.

Ageism is the most socially acceptable form of discrimination. Ageism doesn’t recognize race, religion, gender or colour – it can affect anyone who is getting older.

Ashton Applewhite recently gave a TED Talk on the need to end ageism. In her presentation, she does an excellent job of highlighting the some of the problems and misconceptions on aging. She also provides some great insights into ageism and why it is so important for us to change this.

Here’s her talk… afterall, if you’re lucky enough to live long enough ageism will affect you too.

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