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Lessons From A 60 Year Overnight Success

Lessons From A 60 Year Overnight Success

Very often we hear about people who become an overnight success. But so many times these overnight successes were actually a long time in the making.

Take Deshun Wang for example.

He was discovered as a model on the fashion runway of the 2015 China Fashion Week at the age of 79.

The following video outlines his story of how he reached this point in his life. His success wasn’t something that just happened overnight. So many of his decisions and actions in his life all accumulated and together they contributed to to where he is now.

There are a number of lessons that can be learned from Deshun Wang’s “overnight success”;

#1 – You are never too old to start something

Deshun Wang says that he only started going to the gym at age 50 and really started focusing on it at the age of 70. These are ages that we typically would not associate with starting these type of activities. This shows us that often the only age limitations we really have are the ones we give ourselves.

#2 – All our life experiences contribute to where we end up

Sometimes we might wonder why we do certain things or ask ourselves what is the point. In Deshun Wang’s case, his experience in the theater and the arts helped him prepare for his opportunity on the runway. All of his past challenges and experiences in his life ultimately contributed to his success.

#3 – You never know what might happen

Deshun Wang probably didn’t figure that he would be walking the catwalk and labeled the “hottest grandpa” at age 79. This shows us that you never know what might happen in our lives and to be open to whatever may lie ahead.

As Deshun is quoted as saying; “When it’s time to shine, be the brightest!”.

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