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Finding Your Tribe – The Story of the Buckettes - By Susan Williams Who is in your tribe? Who are the people you go to when you need friendship, support or comfort? There is a reason why this is so important. There is strong evidence of the benefits of having a supportive social network as we age. In fact, not having social relationships can be […]
Book Review: Retirement For The Record by Daryl Diamond - By Mike Drak Truth be told, I don’t enjoy reading retirement planning/finance books as I find most of them dry, complicated, and I usually end up with a headache while reading them. But having said that I’m forced to read them because I’m not overly confident with the quality of advice that I get from […]
The Relationship Between Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease - By Susan Williams How much sleep do you get each night? Is it more then 6 hours? There are some reasons that this is important. Especially when it comes to your brain health and your risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. In the following TedTalk given by sleep scientist Matt Walker, he shares the research they have […]
Both Heart Warming and Heart Wrenching – Gift For 89 Year Old Man - By Susan Williams The following story is both heart warming and heart wrenching all at the same time. Darlin Newey is 89 years old and delivers pizza. He was recently given a gift of $12,000 by some kind hearted people as a result of a TikTok campaign they had launched to help support him. As […]
Retirement Nomads – From Real Estate To Wheel Estate - By Susan Williams Have you heard of "workampers"? They are older people living on the road and travelling around the country in search of seasonal work. Some are doing it because they enjoy it. For many others it is out of necessity.
The Pandemic Shows Us How Boring Retirement Can Be - By Mike Drak I like to ponder on things and I thought I would share some thoughts arising out of the pandemic relating to time and personal freedom. I found them interesting and hopefully you feel the same way. COVID-19 taught us how boring retirement must be when you have more free time than you […]

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