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memories Is Writing A Will Considered Your Legacy? - By Richard Weijo A legal will is a critical document for all adults to complete. Not only does a will determine who will receive your remaining assets after you are gone, but it can also direct who will be the guardian responsible for the care of your under-aged children. So is a legal will your […]
home-with-flowers Home Is Where Your Heart Really Is - My husband and I have found that the last ten years or so has just flown by.  Having been so busy with our kids and their activities plus our own careers and lives, we just happened to poke our heads up and realized that we are actually getting closer and closer to the retirement goal […]
Older Worker The Power of Oldness – Fighting Age Discrimination - Age discrimination. Unfortunately it happens and it’s not just a North American thing. In Australia, the Australian Human Rights Commission has developed an initiative called The Power of Oldness to try and combat age discrimination. As part of their campaign, they developed this very creative video to try and break down some of the preconceived stereotypes […]
Cruise Ship Cruising Into Retirement - How do you feel about the idea of retiring on a cruise ship? There’s an increasing trend of people starting to consider this as an option – and for some good reasons. Here are just a few; Great amenities Imagine the options of great dining, nightly entertainment, health facilities and more. These are all available […]
Goodbye It Was Supposed To Get Easier To Let Go - This week we packed up one of our kids and moved them into their residence for their first year of University away from home.  It’s not that this situation is new for me. My kids have left home to go away to school before. So given that I had done this before I thought for sure that […]
Soda Why Sugar Isn’t So Sweet - Sugar – that sweet, sticky substance that so often is in the foods we love. Cakes, cookies, soft drinks and candies all are loaded with it. But what is even scarier, is that we may not even know when we’re eating it. Sugar can be hidden in condiments, yogurt, sauces and so many other foods […]

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