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Why Sunscreen May Be Your Best Wrinkle Defence - We all know (or at least should know) how important it is to wear sunscreen in order to help reduce our risks for skin cancer. But if that alone is not enough incentive for you to wear it, here is even one more reason. Your vanity. In a study published by Dermatologic Surgery, they asked […]
Eric Burdon: Singing Strong Until the End - By Dave Price At age 75, he may need some assistance from a cane and the strong left arm of a loving wife to get from the dressing room to the backstage area. But once he hears the music and strides onto that stage he prowls. He growls. He moans and he howls. He becomes […]
10 Tips to Mothers-In-Law from Daughters-In-Law - By Iris Ruth Pastor Family unity and healthy interactions, who could possibly be against that? So in a quest to be loving, gracious and wise mother-in-law, I asked daughters-in-law of all ages what would they like their mothers-in-law to know in order to maximize healthy relationships between them. Here's what they said.
Hearing Loss – A Personal Perspective - By Bart Astor I recall many years ago writing an article about getting a hearing test. I guess I was about 50 or so. I made an appointment with an audiologist so I could go through the actual experience. I’m sure somewhere along the lines you’ve had one of these tests. You know, “Press this […]
Welcome to Your Power Years Ladies! - Your kids are grown and your responsibilities around the home have started to reduce. Now unburdened by previous family responsibilities, many women over fifty are rediscovering their own passions and interests. Welcome to your Power Years ladies!
Boomer Jobsearch: How To Overcome 3 Hiring Roadblocks - By Mary Eileen Williams As a post-50 job-seeker, you know all too well that ageism presents some major barriers to your success. Yet by recognizing the negative preconceptions you are likely to face and preparing ways to address these obstacles, you can shift their focus to highlight your strengths.

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