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Who Do You Want To Be? - By Mike Drak My son Doug is in Australia studying to be a doctor and he thought I might find the following story interesting. It’s about George Corones who at the age of 99 broke the world swimming record at the Commonwealth Games trials on the Gold Coast and boy does he ever look happy! […]
Older Workers Watch Your Head – Breaking Through the Gray Ceiling - By Susan Williams Chances are you have heard of the glass ceiling - but are you familiar with the term gray ceiling? With age discrimination happening in the workplace this unfortunately is a reality for many older workers.
Dave’s Excellent Retirement Adventure: Eating Insects - By Dave Price Here at Booming Encore we put great emphasis on informing our readers and viewers. How great, you ask? Well, we think you are so important that we will even eat crickets, spiced mealworms, roasted locusts, ant candy, and scorpion lollipops to report back to you. Experts in futurism believe insects will become […]
Rediscovering Passion In An Encore Career - When you’re looking down the barrel of a possible three or four decade long retirement, sitting around doing nothing all day will definitely not sustain you. So what should you do? Well, here are some great examples of how some people are reinventing themselves in their encore careers. From wine maker, marijuana grower to music […]
Best Small Space Hacks For Your “Granny Pod” - By Gary Simmons So-called “granny pods” are among the hottest trends in home design from 2017. For those not in the know, a granny pod is a small cottage-style dwelling that is specially designed for the comfort and privacy of older adults. Despite the somewhat silly name, granny pods are a comfortable way for seniors […]
Pushing Your Limits As You Age - When was the last time you pushed yourself? You know, tried to do something completely different? Well here’s a great story of how one woman did just that. In retirement, Julia discovered that she really didn’t have any particular plan and found herself bored, lonely and struggling without any particular direction. Having previously been a […]

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