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Seven Reasons We Should Be Amazed About Getting Older - By Gary Allen Foster  “Getting old is for the birds!” That’s one of the dozens of ageist statements tossed out casually when a group of seventh-, eighth-, or ninth-decaders assembles. Each is usually followed by a litany of the issues that can make it seem so. Nary a conversation goes by without multiple mentions of […]
Retirement – What To Do When The Decision Isn’t Yours - By Susan Williams As much as you may want to decide when you will retire – unfortunately, the majority of the time this isn’t actually the case. Some retirement research conducted by the TransAmerica Center, discovered that 56% of the retirees they surveyed did not retire when they had planned. Of this 56%, 54% of the […]
The Talk Seniors Need To Have With Doctors Before Surgery - By Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News Older patients often have different priorities than younger ones. More than longevity, in many cases, they value their ability to live independently and spend quality time with loved ones. This is why it's so important to discuss your thoughts before surgery.
Aging In The Right Place – Reasons To Plan Ahead - By Susan Williams Where are you going to live as you age? Chances are this thought has crossed your mind at some point. Will you be able to stay in your own home? Will you need to move? Will you need help? So many questions and it’s not necessarily a single answer. To better understand […]
Lessons On Happiness From A 99 Year Old Holocaust Survivor - By Susan Williams It’s hard to believe that after the trauma 99 year old Eddie Jaku experienced in his life he was able to find happiness. But he did. In this moving Ted Talk, Eddie shared how as a young man he experienced the horrors of the holocaust first hand. Moved from concentration camp to […]
Neuroplasticity And The Aging Brain - By Susan Williams Are you worried about your brain health as you age? If you are, you are definitely not alone. The University of Michigan conducted some research that discovered that of the people in their 50’s and 60’s,  “..nearly half of respondents to the National Poll on Healthy Aging felt they were likely to develop dementia as […]

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