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Celebrating Older Entrepreneurs: Meet Catherine Winckler - It's Global Entrepreneurship Week! To celebrate this event, we are shining a light on some of the amazing things that some older entrepreneurs are doing. Meet Our First Entrepreneur: Catherine Winckler, Founder & CEO, MindfulGarden Digital Health
Older Entrepreneurs – A Force To Be Reckoned With - By Susan Williams So often when you think of an entrepreneur you envision a young, tech-saavy 20-something with a hot new idea that is going to revolutionize the world. Unfortunately, we’ve all been trained to think that entrepreneurship is a young person’s game but older entrepreneurs are showing that this is not at all the […]
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Retirees - By Gary Foreman Retirement affects everything you do. It’s the biggest change in your lifestyle since you moved out on your own in your teens or twenties. Bigger than getting married, having kids, sending them through college. You’ve worked hard for years. And now you’re supposed to be able to take it a little easier. […]
Managing Your Meds: What To Do When Prescribed A Medication - By Susan Williams Would you be surprised to know that nearly 70% of people over the age of 65 take five or more medications? And almost 10% take 15 or more? Or that more than half of all prescription medications are prescribed to people over 60? All of this medication use can result in some serious complications.
Retiring With Debt? How To Manage - By Anne Arbour We, present company included, often preach about the importance of retiring our debt before we retire ourselves. We write about how the burden of servicing debt on a fixed retirement income can put a strain on you future plans, about how it can compromise your ability to weather an unforeseen future financial […]
Become A Retirement Rebel - By Mike Drak The boomers that I like to hang around at the swimming pool are badass people that I fondly refer to as Retirement Rebels. Retirement Rebels refuse to follow the old fashion beliefs about “old-people,” and being retired. In fact they are anything but retired. They are the trailblazers who are putting their […]

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