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Should We Say Farewell To Counting Candles? - By Susan Williams One of my kids just celebrated their birthday. Chances are if I told you this in person, the first thing you would probably ask is how old they are. But as I read yet another article on how age is just a number, I couldn’t help but wonder if we are possibly not […]
The Plight of the Bumble Bees - By Susan Williams Bees. We may not think about them on a regular basis but we should. And given that today is World Bee Day, it’s probably a very good day to do this. In an article published by Pacific Standard, they shared that; “One in every three bites of food we eat is made […]
This Week’s Trending Topics – Television, Innovation and Mobile Technology - Welcome to this week’s top trending topics. This week’s topics all seem to revolve around technology. We discover the risks of watching too much television, learn about a retiree who is innovating in his retirement and also look at how baby boomers are using mobile technology. Have a read! Reasons To Back Away From The […]
Discovering The Secrets Of The Super Agers - By Susan Williams Everyone wants to live a long life – but chances are the majority of us would say as much as we want a long life, the quality of our life is also extremely important. So what actually constitutes both quantity and quality of life? Super agers may have some of the answers. […]
Tatsuo Horiuchi – An Innovator in Retirement - Retirement. It’s often the time in our life that we hope to resume the activities we love or experience new things we have either never had the time or opportunity to do so before. This was no exception for Tatsuo Horiuchi. When Tatsuo retired, he decided he wanted to paint – but he had one […]
This Week’s Trending Topics – Grudge Workforce, Social Networks and Art of Ageing - This weeks trending topics included learning more about a potential "grudge" workforce, why building a social network before you retire is important, The Art of Ageing Forum and celebrate Mother's Day with some of our favourite quotes and clips.

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