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older-happy-woman Have We Lost Touch With The Basics Of Happiness? - I just read a very interesting article entitled “America The Anxious: Americans are spending a fortune on finding happiness—and becoming less happy in the process“. In the article, it described how the packaging and selling of happiness has become over a $10 billion industry (yup – that was billions) however the level of people’s happiness has […]
glass-half-full Aging – Do You See The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full? - As the age old question goes – do you see the glass half empty or half full? When you really think about this question, the glass we look at could be exactly the same but depending on our perspective we either think we have lots left or believe we only have half of what we […]
coins Legacy and Artifacts – Sharing Your Past Into The Future - By Richard Weijo   My granddaughter loves to listen to stories. I have heard storytelling is how most children learn. So, if a grandparent is going to pass on a bit of advice from the past, why not do it by telling a story! One of my wishes for my granddaughter (and future generations) is […]
900x600-MAN-COMPUTER Part Time Work in Retirement – Is It For You? - Many people would like to work part time in retirement. In fact, in a 2013 Gallup poll they discovered that 61% of Americans plan to work part time in retirement. Out of this number, 34% said that they would work part time because they wanted to while 26% said they would work part time because […]
My Files Home Technology For Aging – Take A Look! - The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has reported that approximately 85% of Canadians over 55 years old would like to stay in their present home for as long as they possibly can. Even if there are changes in their health. With so many people planning on aging in place, the technology sector is starting to develop and provide […]
president-of-the-united-states Purpose – Everyone Needs One - Having a purpose in your life – and in your retirement – is a very good thing. In an article published by the Wall Street Journal, they shared part of an interview they conducted with Dr. Patricia A. Boyle, a neuropsychologist and researcher for the Rush Memory and Aging Project. Dr. Boyle was involved in research […]

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