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Reasons To Back Away From the Television Screen - By Susan Williams If I told you that the average retiree watches 48 hours of television a week would that surprise you? Well, according to an article published in The Wall Street Journal this is the case. In the post they shared that this was the number that was reported in the 2017 Neilsen viewing […]
Trending Topics Talk – Loneliness, Second Acts and Knowing Your Longevity - In this week's Trending Topics Talk, we are joined by Joe Casey and Mike Drak and the topics we discuss are; Aging and Loneliness - Is This Inevitable, Preparing for Your Second Act and Knowing Your Longevity.
Do Fences Really Make Good Neighbours? - By Susan Williams There is an old saying "fences make good neighbours". But with loneliness being such a significant concern - especially for aging - are fences actually good for communities?
Trending Topics Talk – Feeling Young, Care Worker Gender and Retiring Women - In this week's Trending Topics Talk, we are joined by Joe Casey and Eileen Williams and discuss whether we are as young as we feel, the gender gap situation for care workers and whether women should be delaying retirement.
Create Your Own Blue Zone - By Mike Drak The Contessa just got back from visiting her family in Italy and told me that she wants to move there one day because in her words- “they really know how to live” something that we have sadly forgotten here. As is my nature I started to pepper her with questions about why […]
4 Tips On How To Protect Your Credit - By Anne Arbour There’s just no getting around it. We live in an online world where true privacy has become a precious commodity. So what can we do about this? Here are four tips to help.

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