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Priorities for a First Time Caregiver - By Susan Williams When someone becomes a first time caregiver, this can seem overwhelming. In this Learning Bites segment, we speak with caregiver author and expert Carol Bradley Bursack who helps us understand what are the first things someone should do.
When It Comes To Working – Let’s Get Flexible - By Susan Williams When employees retire and leave, not only does productivity decline but the team's productivity that they leave behind also declines. And with labour shortages growing and retirees looking for good part time work options, is now the time for workplace flexibility?
Who Will You Be In Retirement? - By Joe Casey “When you are 20, you care about what people think about you, when you are 40 you stop caring about what people think about you, and when you are 60, you realize nobody cared in the first place.”– Winston Churchill Have you ever asked someone “How was your weekend?” – and regret it […]
All I Want For Christmas Is For No One To Be Lonely - By Susan Williams As I begin preparations for the upcoming holiday season, I can’t help but get excited. My kids will be home for the holidays, we have a number of parties and get togethers lined up with friends and just going outside and seeing the Christmas lights lifts my spirits. But there is something […]
What’s On Your Financial Christmas List? - By Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy Dear Santa, First, let me thank you for all of the blessings in my life. I have my health (even if things are creaking a little more this year!); my family and friends; a roof over my head; and running water. I know that in comparison to many people, my life […]
Managing Your Meds: What To Be Aware of When Discontinuing Medications - By Susan Williams Sometimes medications may no longer be required or should be possibly discontinued, however there are appropriate ways to approach this. In this Managing Your Meds segment, we discuss with Dr. Rhonda Collins, what to be aware of when discontinuing medications.

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