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Colleagues Applauding Senior Businessman Retirement – Could This Be The Next Brain Drain? - Baby boomers are heading for retirement – and the numbers of people leaving are not small. There are an estimated 10,000 workers retiring in the US everyday and an anticipated 400,000 Canadians every year retiring. As positive as this may be for opening up new opportunities for younger generations, the bigger challenge is that when someone […]
Rick and Granddaughter Legacy and Grandchildren – Seeing The Connection - By Richard Weijo   I have been asked why legacy is so important to me. My mind immediately wanders to our giggling little granddaughter running through water fountains, and to her adamant insistence that ice cream is a requirement after playing in the park. I often wonder what she will be doing and where she […]
900x600-COUPLE-BICYCLING How Much Life Bad Habits Can Cost - What if someone could give you another six years of life? What would you do for it? Well, it turns out that if you eliminated some of your bad habits that may be just what it’s worth. We all know that that alcohol, cigarettes, lack of exercise and poor nutrition aren’t good for us. However […]
enjoying life It’s Okay – You Can Call Me Old - What is so wrong with being called old?  It seems everybody wants to live a long life but nobody seems to want to get old. I just love this quote by Andy Rooney as I think it says so much about society’s view of aging; “It’s paradoxical that the idea of living a long life […]
Savings Piggy Bank Baby Boomer’s Inheritance – The Mega Wealth Transfer That’s About To Happen - There is a mega transfer of wealth that is about to happen - in fact it's estimated to be the largest inter-generational wealth transfer in history. But it might not be that smooth a transition.
retirement plan label on document folder What Is A Good Age To Retire? - What is a good age to retire? This is a great question however the answer is truly a personal decision. There are so many variables involved that to have one single answer to this question depends on each individual’s situation. There are some questions to ask yourself that may help you determine what is the […]

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