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When The Dream Becomes Reality – The Beyond Sixty Project - By Susan Williams As a result of a chance encounter, Melissa Davey discovered a dream - she wanted to become a film maker. Today she is on the cusp of this becoming a reality. Melissa shares with us her experience of following her passion later in life and what she has learned along the way.
Could You Use a Retirement Coach? - By Susan Williams With the average retirement now projected to last from twenty to even thirty years, this is a long time to just sit around and do nothing. Years ago, retirement was seen as the time of life when people stopped their daily 9 to 5 grind and replaced it with a life of […]
Trending Topics This Week – First Time Caregiver, Fighting Aging, Stages of Retirement - Here are the posts that have been trending this past week at Booming Encore. Priorities for a First Time Caregiver, Do We Really Need to "Fight" Aging and the Three Stages of Retirement. Have a look!
Six Things To Consider Before Renting - By Paige Estigarribia According to an article published by US News, many Baby Boomers are attracted to the convenience and flexibility of renting. They are also driving the rental market upwards too. The article shared; “The number of renters in their early 60s increased by 84 percent between 2006 and 2016, the most of any […]
Why Do We Need to “Fight” Aging? - By Susan Williams The other day an article caught my eye. The title was “Patients Experiment with Prescription Drugs to Fight Aging”. The post went on to describe how patients were flocking to physicians to have them prescribe drugs to them that may stave off aging. They were wanting to be prescribed medications that are […]
Trending Topics This Week – Meditation, Authenticity and Retirement Checklist - This past week we had another interesting list of trending topics on Twitter that covered a variety of subjects. Here is this week’s Top Three Tweets roundup.

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