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Disrupting Death – Could This Be the Next Industry Ripe For Change? - By Susan Williams The funeral industry in the US is estimated to be valued at $20.7B with an estimated 2.4 million funerals per year. With the population aging, is this industry now ripe for disruption?
Appreciating How To Live In The Moment - By Iris Ruth Pastor Looking back on my life, I realize most of it has been spent in rigid countdown mode – ticking off backwards down to zero. How many days until I start kindergarten? How many days until I can ride my bike past the end of my street? How many days until my […]
Are You Afraid You Will Outlive Your Savings? - By Gary Foreman According to The Journal of Accountancy the biggest fear of retirees is outliving their money. And that was true for high net worth retirees, too. So we wanted to get some ideas on how to address this problem.
Lynda Carter – A Wonder Woman For Life - By David Price Fictional superheroes can be reimagined and redesigned to attract new fans from new generations. But for Baby Boomers, their crime fighting Amazon Princess will always be Lynda Carter who shows us today that she still is a wonder of a woman.
In Retirement Why Your Outlook Matters - By Joe Casey Our head of HR once told an old story that’s always stuck with me. The story was about a traveler in ancient Rome who was walking up a steep hill where he encountered a group of workers scurrying about. I’m Busy, Man It was a very busy scene and he decided to […]
Aging: Preparing For Both Quantity and Quality of Life - There was an article a while back about the death of a man who had claimed to be 146 years old. This made me start to wonder. Had he been healthy? Had he been able to spend time with people he cared about? Was he able to do the things he liked to do? All the things […]

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