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Parents and Downsizing: 7 Tips to Simplify the Process - Are you or a parent considering downsizing? It’s a hot topic for Boomers and their parents, with the reasons being many: health considerations, financial situations, moving closer to family, the desire to minimize. Regardless of the reason, the numbers of boomers downsizing is growing.
The Changing Aging Face of the Workforce - By Susan Williams When Booming Encore first launched, one of the early posts that was shared concerned some of the challenges that people over 50 may have in finding work. At that time, ageism was running rampant and anyone over the age of 50 was often considered out of date, redundant and often just “past it”. […]
Lessons Learned: The Story Behind the Classic Book Tuesdays With Morrie - Tuesdays with Morrie is recognized as one of the most popular books on how to live your life with understanding and face your death with dignity. Dave Price recounts what Albom and Koppel had to say about their experiences with Morrie, his advice, and the book itself.
Hurricane Irma – Shaking You To Your Core - By Iris Ruth Pastor I live in Tampa, Florida two blocks from Tampa Bay in a house surrounded by century old oak trees. On Friday night, September 8, things were looking very ominous for Tampa. Hurricane Irma was fast approaching with a vengeance — the one hundred year perfect storm.
Summer of Love: A Valiant Attempt at a Utopia of Peace and Love Ends in Disillusionment and Despair - In our continuing series on the Summer of Love - 50 Year Later, Dave Price explores the fall of 1967 where the hope and optimism of the giddy early days of the Summer of Love in San Francisco were shifting to a colder season of disillusionment and despair.
What’s Hot: This Week’s Top Tweets - Here’s what has generated the most interest on Twitter this week…. Be Sure to Laugh! When you have a good laugh, it can result in some pretty good health benefits. Here’s just one example; Laughter causes you to increase your intake of oxygen, stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles along with increasing the endorphins (the […]

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