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Signs And Signals That Your Aging Parent Needs Help - By Denise Valerio As a professional care manager and aging life care manager, one of the most common inquiries I receive are from adult children caring for their aging parent; or concerned family members who’ve noticed red flags, i.e., changes in habits or behavior that indicate some need for assistance. Often these red flags come in the […]
The Need For A New Type Of Job Security - By Susan Williams As we get nostalgic for the days of job security, is this (or even was it ever) a reality? Maybe there is a new type of job security that we now need to embrace.
Could You Use A Financial Planner? - By Mike Drak My wife (who I fondly call The Contessa) is an investment advisor at a major Canadian bank and was forced to work from home during the pandemic. As a result, I got a chance to see her in action dealing with her clients. One thing I noticed was that early on when […]
Use It Or Lose It – A Personal Journey Of Discovery - By George Rayner As the baby boomer generation slowly retires, those of us still upright have a conscious health choice to make, we can either use it, or lose it. The easy path is to lose it. Kick back, eat, drink, be merry put on some weight, grab a few prescription medicines and slowly watch […]
The Rise Of Poverty In Retirement For The Middle Class - By Susan Williams Baby boomers are speeding towards retirement at an average rate of around 10,000 people a day. But rather then crossing over this threshold to an anticipated life of doing whatever you like, many who are considered middle class may be facing a much nastier reality.
Grand Parenting In Times Of COVID-19 - By Melissa Davey It’s different, isn’t it? As a Grandmother to three boys, aged 15, 12 and 9, I have had a few months to adjust to the initial shock of knowing we would have to be socially distant for possibly months to come. I am close to all three boys and although our time […]

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