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Why a Longer Happy Hour in Retirement is Not A Good Thing - Alcohol. When something good happens we may drink to celebrate. When something bad happens we may drink to drown our sorrows. But it seems that baby boomers are hitting the bottle much harder than ever before and this is creating some significant risks.
Why Do Our Elders Hold Onto Paper? - By Kristen Reed Edens Last month, I spent a busy weekend helping my mother clean out her garage. Of the ‘treasures’ we sorted through, there were several boxes labeled ‘important papers’. Dipping into these boxes revealed something amazing: nearly 6 decades of bank statements, check registers, cancelled checks, and receipts.
Compound Interest for Baby Boomers - By Gary Foreman Using compound interest correctly can make your retirement finances more secure and safe. Use it incorrectly and you could find yourself working at a part-time job that you don't like to avoid running out of money.
Fearing The “L’s” of Aging - By Susan Williams I was recently approached to share my thoughts on the fears that some baby boomers may have about aging and retirement. Personally, I prefer to look at the positive side of aging and view the gray hair and wrinkles simply as a by-product of a life well lived. As the years begin to […]
3 Interview Tips To Help Give You the Edge - By Mary Eileen Williams Job applicants of maturity face extra challenges when they interview and these can create a number of questions and concerns. In fact, if you have an interview coming up, you may well be asking yourself the following: Will I be perceived as old, disinterested and lacking energy? Am I going to […]
How’s Your Gut Health? (And Why It Matters) - By Susan Williams Last week I attended a seminar given by our local university on gut microbiota. During the session, information was shared about all the different types of bacteria that live in our guts and how important a role they play in our overall health and well being. I intuitively knew that my gut […]

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