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Are You Headed For a Zombie Retirement? - By Joe Casey When people think of retirement planning, most focus on the financial side. It’s critical. But retirement is not just about money. It’s also about time. In my work, I see smart people who nail the financial side, yet put off the non-financial side. They’re financially flying first-class in retirement – but they […]
Secrets to Thriving at Work During Late Career - By Maritha Peens Indications are that older workers may want to extend their careers and delay retirement, which raises the question as to the kind of late careers they will experience. One perspective is that older workers just maintain their careers or disengage during late career. However another view is a late career in which […]
Could A Simple Sitting Standing Test Assess Your Mortality? - When did you last try to sit down on a floor and then get back up again? Did you have any difficulties in doing this? Well, it seems that this simple test can actually help assess how well you are aging – and even possibly your mortality. This test actually helps to assess your flexibility, […]
Why the Language We Use For Aging Matters - By Susan Williams A while back there was a media buzz around the fact that Allure Magazine was no longer going to use the term “anti-aging”. In their announcement about this change the magazine made an excellent point on why they made the shift – “language matters”. And it really does. So much of what we […]
Why This Super Bowl Commercial Is No Laughing Matter - By Susan Williams An estimated 103.4 million people watched the Super Bowl this past weekend. Of course as much as people tune in to watch the game along with the half time show, the commercials are often some of the biggest points of discussion the next day. There was one commercial in particular that really […]
Lessons I Learned From My Mother - By Mike Drak This picture is from my mother’s 93rd birthday which we celebrated recently at her nursing home. The cake was chocolate and bought from her favourite grocery store. Birthdays always seem to evoke memories for me so I thought I would share my thoughts. A Mother’s Love I remember a few years back […]

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