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When Baby Boomers Retire From Work – Productivity May Go Too - There has always been the expectation that when baby boomers retire there would be a significant economic impact. From spending less to the impact on the stock markets are often the areas of focus. But what about the impact to the productivity of the companies that they leave behind?
Family Heirlooms: Placing the Past in the Present - By Iris Ruth Pastor It all begins with this couple: my husband’s parents, Herb and Hotche. This picture was taken shortly after Herb was discharged from the Army during the closing days of World War 2. Herb had witnessed the horrors of the concentration camps in Europe firsthand – being one of the initial units […]
Tatsuo Horiuchi – An Innovator in Retirement - Retirement. It’s often the time in our life that we hope to resume the activities we love or experience new things we have either never had the time or opportunity to do so before. This was no exception for Tatsuo Horiuchi. When Tatsuo retired, he decided he wanted to paint – but he had one […]
Who Wants (or Needs) to Be A Millionaire? - By Susan Williams We recently shared a post on social media by CNBC entitled When a $1 Million Retirement Nest Egg Isn’t Enough. This post generated quite a response. And I can understand why. In the article, the writers shared that even though a $1M retirement nest egg was once considered a benchmark to live a life […]
Launching a Successful Part Time Business in Retirement without Jeopardizing Your Savings - By Gary Foreman You're ready to retire or recently retired. But, you're not ready to spend all your time on the golf course or playing mahjong. So you're thinking of starting a part-time business to help fill your retirement years. You're not alone.
The Benefits of Owning a Dog Later in Life - By Karen van Zyverden When my beloved English Bulldog Ellie-Mae died after 10 years, I thought I would never get over it. I pined for another Ellie-Mae to replace my lost companionship with another dog. After a short mourning period, I hastily got an 8 week old active lab mix puppy. I was used to […]

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