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JFK at 100: An Unfulfilled, Yet Still Valuable, Vision - By Dave Price It doesn’t seem possible, but if President John F. Kennedy were alive, he would be turning 100 at the end of this month. In one of America’s most altering moments, President Kennedy was assassinated on a sunny day in Dallas in November, 1963. But more than just a jarring presidential personal loss, […]
Terrorism – How Do We Fight Back? - By Susan Williams   It happened again. Another act of terror last night was a sad confirmation that violence and terrorism continues to thrive in our world. I find it so hard to fathom how any human being could have the desire to hurt or end the lives of others – especially those of innocent […]
Ode To An Ungrateful Child - By Iris Ruth Pastor The following was written over 30 years ago, at 4:00 AM – one of those times before daybreak when everything looks a little bleaker and a little darker than perhaps it really is. After reading my words over a few times in the days following writing the ode below and carefully […]
Volunteering – Your Brain Will Thank You For It - When you volunteer, you trigger a wave of positivity. Not only for the benefit of the people that you are volunteering for but also for yourself. There was already a great deal of research that helping others was good for your physical and mental health. And now some new research is confirming that the good […]
I Don’t Want To Be “Put” In A Home - Thinking about being "put" in a home at some point in my life sends a chill down my spine. I would like to remain living in my own home for as long as I can. But here's the challenge. As much as I want and plan to age in place there is another reality that I need to face.
Men’s Challenges with Aging: Blame John Wayne - By Dave Price If you are or know a male Baby Boomer who is having an extremely hard time aging, there’s a good chance that the Waynes – or more specifically, John Wayne and Bruce “Batman” Wayne – may be greatly to blame. While it’s true that the idea of what exactly is a man […]

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