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Alzheimer’s – Walk A Mile In Someone Else’s Shoes - Dementia replaced HIV/AIDS as the number 7 killer on the WHO's list of 10 biggest causes of death. The even scarier part is that there currently is no major new treatments or cure for the disease. So what can we do? Maybe start with understanding.
Think Winning the Lottery Will Make You Happier? - Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? Could you just imagine how excited you would feel seeing your numbers show up and then the happiness you would have knowing that all your financial worries have suddenly disappeared. Sorry to burst your bubble, but winning the lottery doesn’t necessarily mean you will be happier. In […]
3 Tips To Help You Find the Work You Really Want - By Mary Eileen Williams Are you an older job-seeker who is currently looking for work? A post-midlife job search can bring rewards if you take the time to review your needs and wants, consider your options and follow your inner guidance to a fulfilling new job.
Why the Silver Tsunami is More Like A Constantly Overflowing Bucket - More than likely you have heard the term "silver tsunami" - referring to the massive wave of aging baby boomers. But will our aging population really be more like a bucket being filled by a very large hose that just won't stop?
Six Tips To Help Your Parents With Their Retirement – So You Can Too! - No matter how much you’ve put together in your financial retirement plans, it always seems like you need more. What if, in addition to your own expenses, you also have to support your parents? Here are 6 basic tips to follow, so both you and your parents can retire comfortably.
Living The Anti Aging Pill Called Exercise - Meet Ernestine Shepherd. At the age of 74 she was named the oldest female competitive body builder in Guinness World Records. And what’s amazing is that she didn’t even get started on this journey until she was 56 years old. Ernestine first began exercising when her sister and herself were planning on going to a […]

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