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The Rise Of Poverty In Retirement For The Middle Class - By Susan Williams Baby boomers are speeding towards retirement at an average rate of around 10,000 people a day. But rather then crossing over this threshold to an anticipated life of doing whatever you like, many who are considered middle class may be facing a much nastier reality. Finishing their lives either in or near […]
A New Vision For Retirement Parties - By Mike Drak For the record, because of the way my 36-year career ended, I feel uncomfortable when attending retirement parties. I was forced out, which as many of you know is never fun. But truthfully, I was happy about it because I needed to leave, and what they did just accelerated my departure date […]
Creating Your Legacy - By Susan Williams As we get older it’s hard not to consider what we will be remembered for after we’re gone. Rick Weijo knows this first hand. The birth of his granddaughter caused him to reflect on his own life and legacy and propelled him to write the book Remember Me – Creating and Leaving an Inspiring […]
The Top 5 Holiday Commercials - By Susan Williams The holiday season has arrived and along with all the music and lights we are bombarded by commercials. Some of them can be cheesy, some are just obnoxious and then there are those that can make you stop and think about the real meaning of the season (and occasionally cause you to […]
The Elder-Boom – Welcome To Our New Reality - By Susan Williams Many people believe that our aging population is due primarily to the large co-hort of baby boomers heading quickly to old age. And yes, this is a significant contributor. But what many people don’t realize is that this is the just the beginning of an elder-boom.
When Caring For A Sick Spouse Shakes A Marriage To The Core - By Judith Graham, Kaiser Health Network For a dozen years, Larry Bocchiere, 68, didn’t find it especially difficult to care for his wife, Deborah, who struggled with breathing problems. But as her illness took a downward turn, he became overwhelmed by stress. “I was constantly on guard for any change in her breathing. If she […]

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