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Friendships – Are They A Key to Happy and Healthy Aging? - How many friends do you have?  Not acquaintances – but real friends? It turns out that this could be a critical question that could contribute to your overall health and happiness. And these friendships become even more important as we age. Some recent studies discovered that friendships were even a stronger predictor of health and […]
Coffee – Could This Help Extend Our Longevity? - If you are a coffee drinker then this story could be good news for you. Two new research studies have discovered that there is a link between moderate coffee consumption and having a longer life. In a news report from CTV, they reported that the researchers discovered that drinking coffee reduced risk of death from […]
What Baby Boomer Women Need to Know About Their Finances - By Gary Foreman If you’re a lady baby boomer, you’ve probably spent the last 30+ years navigating a brave new financial world, a world that your mother never concerned herself with. That trip has taught you many things about money, but there are still things for you to learn. To help us find out what […]
A Possible Reason Baby Boomers Haven’t Saved Enough For Retirement - By Susan Williams There has been a flurry of articles lately about how financially ill prepared baby boomers are for retirement. In an article in Business Insider they reported; “According to a Legg Mason Investment Survey, US baby boomers — defined as ages 53 to 71 by Legg Mason —have on average $263,000 saved in […]
Aging Superstars – Do They Promote Inspiration or Inadequacy? - By Susan Williams They are out there. Some amazing older people doing some amazing things. These aging superstars are definitely not sitting around in their rocking chairs reminiscing about the good ol’ days. They are out there actively living them now. Here are just a few examples; There’s a 94 year old woman who just set […]
Sparking Up a Stalled Job Search - By Mary Eileen Williams Has your job search stalled? If you are like millions of middle-aged jobseekers, you have been out there for awhile and have likely run into your share of unforeseen roadblocks and discouraging near misses. According to figures cited by the AARP Public Policy Institute, most mature applicants can figure on about […]

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