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Neuroplasticity And The Aging Brain - By Susan Williams Are you worried about your brain health as you age? If you are, you are definitely not alone. The University of Michigan conducted some research that discovered that of the people in their 50’s and 60’s,  “..nearly half of respondents to the National Poll on Healthy Aging felt they were likely to develop dementia as […]
The Generational Digital Divide – And Bad Habits – Is Closing - By Susan Williams If you were asked who would have the biggest challenge in disconnecting from their their technology devices what would you say? Chances are you would say the younger generations. But older people are quickly catching up along with some bad habits.
Freedom Is Just Another Word For…. Retirement - By Joe Casey The essence of retirement is freedom. Time to do what you want – when you want. Building enough financial security to walk away and live on your own terms. Graduating from the grind to a different lifestyle. Time to begin to focus less on pursuing the outward markers of success and more […]
The Need For A New Type Of Job Security - By Susan Williams As we get nostalgic for the days of job security, is this (or even was it ever) a reality? Maybe there is a new type of job security that we now need to embrace.
Podcast: Staying Connected, Zestful and Fulfilled in Retirement - By Susan Williams If you're approaching retirement, chances are you have focused on the financial aspects of retirement. But what about the non-financial aspects? As a guest on the Retire Right podcast, we discuss the importance of this.
Retirement – Heaven Or Hell? - By Mike Drak Retirement is great during the honeymoon stage. There is nowhere to be, no deadlines, no stress and no pressure to perform. But after a while what at first seemed like freedom, reveals itself as a new form of hell. There is a Twilight Zone episode called “A Nice Place to Visit” that brings this […]

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