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Retire Without Debt – So You Can Go-Go With Enough Dough - By Anne Arbour What do you envision when you daydream about your retirement? Are you lounging on the deck of a cruise ship or are you sinking putts on the golf course? Are you photographing wildlife in the countryside or are you finally taking those singing lessons? Whatever your dream is, it’s unlikely that it […]
Are We Headed For A Workforce Crisis In Elder Care? - By Susan Williams Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed quite a few articles in the media concerning elder care and some of the potential challenges we may face. For example, one was posted in the Guardian that shared that many males would never consider a career in caring for older people. The article pointed out […]
Looking To Move? 4 Must-Do Tips Before You Start - By Joseph Richer Downsizing to a smaller place or selling the family home can be an emotional experience, especially if you’ve been out of the real estate market for a long time. Here are four must-do tips to help with the process.
Assessing Your Quality of Life When Aging – The CASP-19 Assessment - By Susan Williams Quality of life. We hear the term tossed around all the time but what does it actually mean? And what does it actually mean to the concept of aging? This past summer I completed an online course entitled Strategies for Successful Aging offered through Trinity College in Dublin. In one of the […]
What If Seven Minutes of Exercise A Day Was Enough? - By Randee Bieler I was worried about myself and exercise. I just turned 70 and right on que, my legs started really feeling the stairs. I am so jealous of Husband, Peter, who loves tennis, he actually anticipates it gleefully every time he’s got a game. If I played tennis, I’d be praying for rain. But […]
There’s More To Retirement Than Financial Planning - By Mike Drak The retirement industry is starting to wake up to the fact that just because a client has achieved a certain level of retirement savings doesn’t mean that they will automatically enjoy a happy retirement. There are many other things to consider too.

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