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Baby Boomer Entrepreneur: When Passion Meets Experience - Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur? If you are – you’re not alone. According to data from the Kauffman Foundation, baby boomers are twice as likely to launch a business as are millennials. Paul Tasner became an entrepreneur when he was 66 years old. After being fired from his job at the age of […]
The Relationship Between Optimism, Health and Aging - Would you consider yourself to be optimistic? Well it turns out that having a sense optimism can have an impact on your overall health as you age. So much so that people who considered themselves "most" optimistic felt 12.5 years younger than their actual age.
Should Aging In Place Actually Be Called Aging In The Right Place? - By Susan Williams During the Atlantic's conference called the The New Old Age there was a session on Aging In Place. One of the panelists, an author named Ellen Pope challenged the term Aging in Place and whether it should really be called Aging In The Right Place. This got me thinking.
Volunteer – You Never Know Who You Will Meet - By Dave Price It’s been said that pride often goes before a fall. It’s true. And sometimes, even if you’re a 65-year-old writer, that humbling can come from a book-devouring 11-year-old, with hair the color of a fresh-from-the-garden carrot and a beaming smile that could brighten even the darkest defeat. But I’m ahead of myself. […]
Three Things You Can Do To Help Your Relationship in Retirement - By Joe Casey In their article “The Gray Divorce Revolution”, the researchers note that the rate of divorce among older Americans 65 and over, has more than doubled in recent years – in contrast to the divorce rates in younger groups which decreased or remained flat.
Smartphones and Baby Boomers – A Surprising Relationship - Are you under the impression that baby boomers aren’t using smartphones? Then you might be surprised. In a report published by the AARP, they reported that 73% of people aged 50 to 59 and 54% of people aged 60 to 69 all owned smartphones. But not the entire generation of baby boomers are using the technology. […]

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