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Getting In Shape For Surgery - By Susan Williams If you’re preparing for surgery chances are you may be concerned about how the surgery will go and how long your recovery will be. Will there be complications? How long will it take before you can get back to your regular routines? What if there was a way to speed up this […]
The Value Of Community Centered Living - By Susan Williams All of us would like to age in a comfortable and caring community – but what exactly does that look like? Joe Carella believes he knows what it is. Joe is the Executive Director of the Scandinavian Living Center in Newton, MA as well as the author of Creating Unlimited Options For […]
How Would You Describe Wisdom? - By Susan Williams What exactly is wisdom? There are many formal definitions of the word and everyone seems to have a view or their own opinion on what it is. But I did discoverĀ one definition of wisdom that I particularly liked; “Wisdom is the store of knowledge that a society or culture has collected over […]
Would You Rather Suffer Or Admit That You’re Old? - By Susan Williams We all want to live a long and high quality of life but in order to do this are we guilty of not being willing to accept products or services that we perceive might make us look old?
The Implications Of Longevity – Some Things To Know - By Susan Williams The world is aging and the implications of this increased longevity will undoubtedly bring both challenges and opportunities. To help us better understand this, we spoke with Michael Nuschke to learn more.
This Week’s Trending Topics – Grey Divorce, Retirement Vision and Super-Agers - Here's the roundup for the topics that have been trending on Twitter at Booming Encore this past week. We had another variety of topics - everything from relationships to personal vision for your retirement to the secrets of becoming a super-ager. Have a look!

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