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Fighting the Invisible Woman Syndrome: I Refuse To Be Irrelevant - By Susan Williams As an older woman, if you have ever experienced a feeling of being invisible you were not imagining it. There is actually something called the invisible woman syndrome.
Setting Some Retirement Resolutions - By Mike Drak Our family tribe celebrated New Years in Punta Cana this year and we had a blast. There were fifteen of us on the trip and we have already booked a trip to Vegas in October to celebrate my sixty fifth birthday. Life today is much tougher than what we boomers had to […]
This Week’s Top Tweets – Retirement Principles, Betty White and Busting Stereotypes - Everyday we share news, information and videos on our Twitter feed with the intention to provide our followers with information and inspiration to help them live their best encore. We thought we would share our top three tweets that were trending this past week.
What’s Love Got To Do With It (Aging That Is) - By Susan Williams Some time ago, we published a post about a small Italian village and whether they had the secret to longevity. In this village, 1 out of 10 of the residents were over 100 years old. Diet and lifestyle most definitely played a role in this phenomenon however one of the questions I […]
AirBnB or Hotels – Which Is The Best? - By Paul Marshman Choosing a place to stay on your travels used to be simple — you just looked for a hotel you liked and could afford. These days, however, you need to ask yourself: hotel or Airbnb? The two offer very different experiences, and depending on your travel style, one might suit you better than […]
Hitting Reset on Your Finances for 2019 - By Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy January is such an interesting month – many of us feel a little heavier from eating too much food and sweets. And it’s not a far stretch to assume that perhaps a few of us are also in a little more in debt due to the holiday season, spending more than […]

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